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Property Management

We Eliminate the Stress of Property Ownership

Management Package

We Provide Flexible Solutions For Local Property Owners



Management of Property
  • $75 - Property Rent $750 and below

  • 10% - Property Rent $750-$1500 per month

  • 8% - Property Rent $1500 or more per month
Tenant Placement 1/2 of 1st month's rent
Tenant Renewal with Rent Increase 25% of 1st month's rent
Marketing Property INCLUDED
Tenant Screening INCLUDED
Lease Preparation INCLUDED
Eviction Filings/Services
  • CPM will file evictions
  • Owner is responsible for paying cost associated with filing evictions (cost determined by county)
  • Required court appearance by CPM - $150
  • CPM will charge tenant $150. If tenant pays, then $150 will be returned to owner.
  • If CPM is required to accompany Sheriff/MArshall to evict tenant - $75
  • Owner is responsible for the cost of crew required to clean-out property(this cost is designated by the county and is based on size of home)
Maintenance Coordination
  • Repairs LESS than $500 - No charge for maintenace coordination
  • Repairs $500 or MORE - 10% of the total cost of repair being made
*See below for CPM's maintenance coordination system
Rent Collection INCLUDED
Direct Deposit for Owner Draw INCLUDED
Monthly Statement INCLUDED
Owner Access to Buildium INCLUDED
Annual 1099 INCLUDED
Move Out Inspection $50
OPTIONAL Yearly Inspection with Recommendations $250

* A discount for owners with 10 or more properties managed by CPM will be applied based on the total amount of rent produced.

CPM Maintenance Coordination System

  • CPM maintenance team will evaluate/inspect the item(s) needing reapired/replaced and make recommendations to property owner.
  • CPM contacts multiple vendors and provides estimates to property owner.
  • Property owner gives CPM approval to coordinate repair with chosen vendor.
  • CPM coordinates with vendor and tenant to schedule repair.
  • Upon completion of repair, CPM maintenace team will inspect/evaluate the repaired/replaced item to ensure all work has been properly performed.
  • CPM provides all work has been properly performed.
    1. Deduct the cost of repair from the property's rent.
    2. Deposit the money into their Buildium account.

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